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BIO Safety Cabinet

Bio Safety Cabinet comes with Cabinet Class II with open front design and functions as negative pressure generation module, providing recirculation of mass flow of HEPA filtered air that offers optimum protection to users, products as well as the surrounding environment. Other than this, the other options includes totally closed bio safety cabinet class III that is a ventilated enclosure with air tight construction and allows experiments/procedures to be performed using rubber gloves.

BOD Incubator

The full from of BOD Incubator is Biological Oxygen Demand incubator and it is widely used in microbiology laboratories for the applications that include cell culture and fungal growth, BOD test, fermentation, crop and physiology and various pharmaceutical tests etc. It is also known as low temperature incubator or refrigerated incubator because it is made with temperature range between 5°C to 60°C or with cooling and heating functions under one unit.

Fogger Turn Table Plastic

Model: ULV-SJ6
Micro Fogger provides excellent control of droplet size, even for near-invisible 0.5-15 micron droplets needed by concentrated ULV chemicals.

The Micro Fogger can treat 20-4,000 cubic feet per minute, reducing application time and labor-costs. And when you need high output and large droplets, the Micro Fogger is just as effective.

Fume Hood SSGW

Fume hood is fabricated from special grade pre coated mild steel sheet duly powder coated from outside and epoxy painted from inside. The Inner wall of chamber is covered with epoxy coated FRP lining which duly provides better protection from acid fumes in the Lab.

Double wall feature provides easy access to utilities like water, gas, vacuum & electricity. Detachable base storage cabinets are provided with castors for easy maintenance. High performance centrifugal blower is provided with different ducting material.

Horizontal Laminar Air Flow


  • Made of Ply-board/stainless steel
  • Epoxy painted
  • HEPA filter efficiency 97% upto 0.3µ
  • Protection grills for HEPA
  • Pre-filter efficiency 99% upto 5µ
  • Stainless steel work
  • UV germicidal
  • Flourescent
  • Cork for Balanced blower with motor.

Laboratory Instruments Manufacturers in India

The smartest laboratory solutions help you focus on the research you need to accomplish. Shamboo Scientific Glass Works offers a comprehensive range of laboratory equipment and materials to help you achieve your goals in a wide range of applications. We, Laboratory instruments Manufacturers are engaged in the sphere of manufacturing laboratory incubators, Biosafety Cabinet, Ceramic Top Hot Plate, Autoclave Pressure Cooker, Circulating Water bath, etc These all laboratory equipment are manufactured with the latest technology by using high-grade raw material. These all instruments are appreciated across the world for their effectiveness and easy operation. The Autoclave Pressure Cooker provides excellent performance and reliability. These were developed for laboratory sterilization applications, and they make operations safer, easier, more precise, and consistent. Apart from that, all of our instruments assist researchers and scientists in increasing their efficiency and productivity, every day.