Water Distillation

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Water Distillation Flask Type

  • 3 Ltr with thermal sensor auto cut off
  • 5 Ltr with thermal sensor auto cut off

The assembly consists of a Borosilicate glass flasks with embedded heating elements in spiral type glass coil internally fused at bottom. A double wall condenser has standard ground glass joints. Complete with glass fitting, metallic stand, clamps and electrical fittings. The unit is supplied is as per NPL design. To work on 220/230 volts AC supply.

Water Distillation Table Model

  • Double still with Auto cut off Cap. 2 Ltr/Hr (Approx.)
  • Double still with Auto cut off Cap. 4 Ltr/Hr (Approx.)

Water Stills are carefully designed to produce high purity pyrogen free distilled water. The water still made from 3.3 exp.  borosilicate glass comprises of horizontal type boiler, condenser, constant level device, silica sheated (Quartz) heaters, along with stand and clamps. All parts are replaceable.


Water Distillation Unit Manufacturers in India

Most schools, colleges, universities, and labs for life sciences and microbiology need water distillation machines as they are necessary scientific equipment. Shamboo Scientific Glass Works is one of the fastest-growing water distillation unit manufacturers in India.

We manufacture high-quality distillation machines at our factory utilizing the best quality glass equipment, branded heating elements, and supporting components and accessories. Each unit is precisely constructed to provide lab-grade water devoid of organic and inorganic particles, bacteria, and pyrogen. Our water distillation machines are created utilizing cutting-edge production technologies and are designed to provide the best performance support. They are renowned for outstanding finish quality and precise design standards. Our water distillation unit complies with all applicable industry standards and has undergone testing in a variety of environmental conditions to guarantee the equipment’s effectiveness and dependability.

Shamboo Scientific Glass Works is a renowned water distillation unit supplier fulfilling your individual needs for laboratory equipment.
We, at Shamboo Scientific Glass Works fabricate standards and customize that generate high-grade distilled water. We manufacture two categories of distillers i.e. Water distillation flask type and water distillation table model. We offer a wide range of optional accessories with water distillers to ensure that our distillers deliver clean, pure lab-grade water free of organic material, inorganic solids, and pathogens. Every unit we offer has a high level of performance and a low price guarantee. Our water distillation machines are manufactured in India and come with excellent after-sales service. The distillers we offer are easy to clean and maintain, and they offer long-term performance.

What is a water distillation unit?

A water distillation unit is a machine that uses the distillation process to cleanse water. The water distillation unit is used to produce highly treated and sterilized water for laboratory usage. Distillation can lower levels of chemical pollutants while removing minerals and microbiological impurities. A water distillation unit, also known as a distilled machine, is available in a variety of forms, capacities, and levels of lab-grade water purity. The appropriate unit that satisfies the requirements is determined by the application. Water Distillation Units are used extensively in scientific labs set up in schools, colleges, as well as locations like research institutions. They are a component of the category of laboratory glassware.

The water Distillation process of the water distillation unit

Water is turned into water vapor by boiling it, which is then condensed and brought back to liquid form using a water distillation unit. It is gathered and placed in a box for storage. There are various steps in this procedure:
● The water distillation unit’s boiling chamber is manually or automatically refilled with city or well water.
● The water is then heated until it boils using a heating element in the boiling chamber.
● From the boiling chamber, steam rises. Gases that are volatile are released through an internal vent. Salts and minerals are retained in the boiling chamber as scale or hard deposits.
● The condenser, a coiled tube that is cooled by cool water, is where the steam enters.
● Condensation results in the formation of water drops.
● In a storage tank, distilled water is collected. If the water distillation unit
has an automated design, it is programmed to fill the tank.

Features of water distillation units by Shamboo Scientific Glass Works

Shamboo Scientific Glass Works is one of the top water distillation unit manufacturers in India. A water distillation unit for laboratory use is one of the many uses that is in great demand in the research world. All applications in the water distillation sector are catered to by our specially designed equipment. Water distillation units are used both for domestic and laboratory purposes to remove water impurities. The features of our water distillation units are as below:
● Advanced technologies are used to manufacture water distillers.
● Use of exceptional quality materials for production.
● Corrosion- resistant to avoid eroding.
● Product customization is also available.
● The products are CE-marked and ISO-certified.
● A wide range of industrial applications includes food processing, biofuels, mining, agriculture, hospitals, petrochemicals, laboratories, and pharmaceuticals.
● Low-pressure condenser flow is monitored by flow control security.
● Automatic processes to improve client satisfaction.

Why Shamboo Scientific Glass Works is the best water distillation unit supplier?

Shamboo Scientific Glass Works, the best water distillation unit supplier in India manufactures a variety of water distillation machines at our manufacturing unit in Ambala, Haryana utilizing high-quality glass apparatus, branded heating elements, and supporting accessories. We carefully construct each water distillation unit to provide lab-grade water for use in various processes. Our company has grown incredibly quickly in the laboratory, medical, and scientific fields by manufacturing high-quality and efficient laboratory water distillation systems in India. Due to this, Shamboo Scientific Glass Works tops the list of water distillation unit manufacturers in India.

1. Customer-oriented

Our primary goal is to satisfy our customers because we are a customer-oriented company. We design our equipment in accordance with our client’s needs to satisfy their individual requirements. In order to create our products, we use references that our clients provide. Shamboo Scientific Glass Works has highly qualified team members who constantly stay informed to deliver the finest solutions. Additionally, our range can be modified for different capacities, frequencies, sizes, as well as a variety of other physical characteristics. We have a very effective staff that provides our clients with top-notch services. Engineers, coordinators, quality controllers, researchers, and sales specialists make up our team of experts. To meet our client’s demands, they all operate as a single team.

2. Infrastructure

As a leading water distillation unit supplier, we have a sizable infrastructure that is furnished with high-end equipment and cutting-edge technologies. For the production of the whole variety of items we sell, we only utilize premium raw materials. In addition, our R&D team works hard to manufacture the best goods using cutting-edge tools and methods.

3. Quality Control

Shamboo Scientific Glass Works prides itself on quality, and we never compromise on it. We have a group of skilled quality auditors that comprehensively inspect the product’s quality across a number of aspects in order to make sure its fine quality. They ensure that only the best items of the highest caliber are supplied from our end.