Water Distillation

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Water Distillation Unit Manufacturer in India

A water distillation unit is a machine that uses the distillation process to cleanse water. Water is boiled first in this method, and then the condensed water is collected in a separate container. We, SSGW, fabricate standards and customize that generate high-grade distilled water. We manufacture two categories i.e. Water distillation flask type and water distillation table model. Each distiller is supported with a range of optional accessories and carefully designed to provide lab-grade water that is free of inorganic solids, organic material, and pathogens. Moreover, these water distillation units are successfully working in many areas that include food processing, renewable fuels, petrochemical, mining, agriculture, hospitals, labs, and pharmaceutical industries. Every unit we offer has a high level of performance and a low price guarantee. Shamboo’s Industrial water distillation machines are manufactured in India and come with excellent after-sales service. Our distillers are simple to clean and maintain, delivering long-lasting solutions.

Water Distillation Flask Type

  • 3 Ltr with thermal sensor auto cut off
  • 5 Ltr with thermal sensor auto cut off

The assembly consists of a Borosilicate glass flasks with embedded heating elements in spiral type glass coil internally fused at bottom. A double wall condenser has standard ground glass joints. Complete with glass fitting, metallic stand, clamps and electrical fittings. The unit is supplied is as per NPL design. To work on 220/230 volts AC supply.

Water Distillation Table Model

  • Double still with Auto cut off Cap. 2 Ltr/Hr (Approx.)
  • Double still with Auto cut off Cap. 4 Ltr/Hr (Approx.)

Water Stills are carefully designed to produce high purity pyrogen free distilled water. The water still made from 3.3 exp.  borosilicate glass comprises of horizontal type boiler, condenser, constant level device, silica sheated (Quartz) heaters, along with stand and clamps. All parts are replaceable.