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Imhoff Cone Products Manufacturers in India

We, Imhoff cone Products manufacturers in India offer Imhoff cone which approx Total Height 454 mm with an approx top diameter of 105mm. This product is designed according to the laboratory requirements. This apparatus is fully graduated from 0 to 1ml in 0.1 ml division 1 to 10ml in 0.5 and 10 to 40ml in 1 ml. This tested tube is used in Biofloc fish farming to measure the volume of settle-able solids in a specific volume of tank water. Besides that Imhoff Cone is widely utilized for settlement and sedimentation of wastewater and anaerobic digestion of the extracted sludge. It’s transparent, has a Sharp Tip, a cone-shaped container with graduations (at 1000ml), and normally comes with a holder to help settle the debris at the bottom of the jar. Imhoff setting cone manufacturer in India offers to its customers high quality, high accuracy Imhoff cones at affordable prices.