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BOD Bottles

BOD Bottles for incubating diluted samples of clean water, waste water, effluent water and polluted water duting the 5 day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) test. These bottles feature flared mouth to form a water seal to prevent the ingress of air during incubation. The interchangeable stoppers have a tapered bottom that also prevent air entrapment.


The stopper joint on BOD bottles is compatible with the probes of leading BOD and Do meters. Bottle have large, permanent marking squares. BOD Bottles are manufactured from high-quality Borosilicate tubing, this glass makes them much less susceptible to etching when compared to traditional BOD bottles.

H2O Borosilicate Water Bottle

H2O Borosilicate Water Bottle
(Available in 550ml, 750ml & 1000ml) Freezer Safe

Mc cartney Bottles

Biju or  Mc Cartney Bottles (vials) Very strong clear glass bottle with wide mouth and aluminum screw cap with rubber liner. Excellent for field work as well as in the laboratory.

Reagent Bottle Glass Stopper

  • These narrow mouth reagent bottles, storage bottles have a sturdy gound neck
  • All Sizes have a durable matt-finished enameled area of marking
  • These bottles are mechanically strong and chemical resistant
  • The uniform amber color is highly durable and has high chemical resistance
  • Properties within the bottle remain unchanged, as the color is applied only on the external surface
  • Protects media from light radiation with a wave length between 300 nm and 500nm
  • Ideal for use with light sensitive media and for the long-term storage of substances
  • Supplied with solid glass stopper

Reagent Bottle Screw Cap

  • These bottles are mechanically strong and chemical resistant
  • Fabricated from Borosilicate 3.3 glass
  • The screw caps and pouring ring are made of PP
  • The bottles, screw caps and pouring rings can be sterilized and autoclaveable

Specific Gravity Bottles

Specific Gravity Bottles Ground interchangeable Teflon stopper.