Muffle Furnace

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Muffle Furnace


  • Designed for multiple application including heat treating, ceramic firing, ashing and Thermocouple
  • Heavy duly steel construction for durability having epoxy powder coating finish in Regular MODEL.
  • No exposed long lasting Canthal A-I heating
  • Maximum energy efficiency which is achieved being use of high thermal efficient Ceramic insulation surrounding the
  • Solid state cutout removes power to heaters if unit exceeds maximum temperature
  • Choice of solid state electronic temperature controller with DIGITAL indicator or Microprocessor based temp. controller having dual indication of “set” and “process”
  • Temperature with printer output
  • Housing made of 316L matt finish in GMP
  • Maximum temperature: 1200˚c. Working temperature: 1160˚c
  • Operates on 230 volts

Muffle furnaces-250×250


  • Newly designed muffle furnace now has rapid heating and light weight construction
  • Most useful for ashing, igniting and heat treading of small parts in chemical and industrial field, college and
  • Special ceramic insulation makes furnace light weight
  • Exterior of heavy gauge S / G.I duly finished in epoxy powder coated shade.
  • Solid state electronic controller with digital indicator an CR/AL sensor
  • Uniform heat distribution through all 4 sides Kanthal A- I elements
  • A special solid state fuse for protection to elements in case of over heating
  • Maximum temperature :1100˚C working temperature:960˚C Operates on 230 volts C.