The scientific instrumentation industry has been playing a key role to sustain the growth of the world. Over time there is an ever-increasing need for us at Shamboo Scientific Glass Works to meet the more diversified and sophisticated demand from all walks of our industrial society. Shamboo Scientific Glass Works with enormous and diverse experience is the leading ISO 9001:2015 certified Manufacturer Company engaged in manufacturing and exporting high-quality laboratory glassware, laboratory glass equipment, and borosilicate glass equipment with a low coefficient of linear expansion borosilicate glass. These all products are perfectly matched components of top quality materials which guarantee economical and high-performance solutions tailored to customer requirements.

Laboratory Glassware Manufacturers in India

Laboratory glassware encompasses a wide range of scientific equipment that has usually been made of glass just before the introduction of certain plastic substitutes. It is used in Analytical labs, as well as chemistry and biology. We, laboratory instrument manufacturers have a vast range of different glass apparatuses, and depending on the purpose, they may be made from various types of glass. Quartz glass, for example, can withstand high temperatures and is transparent in many areas of the electromagnetic spectrum. Heavy-wall glass is specifically designed for use in high-pressure experiments, whereas amber glass is darkened to block out UV and infrared radiation, making it ideal for storing fluids.

The following are some of the various Custom Made Laboratory Glassware

Bulb and graduated pipettes: These are used to transfer unique quantities of liquid from one place to another.

Burettes: These are used to pour specific amounts of liquid into another container.

Beakers: Samples and reagents are contained in simple containers.

Volumetric flasks: These are similar to beakers in that they are used to carry samples, but they are typically in a conical or spherical shape with a tapering neck.

Condensers: Designed to cool a hot liquid or gas.

Retorts: These are used in the distillation process.

Funnels: A funnel’s tapered neck makes pouring a liquid into a narrow orifice easy.

Petri dishes: Living cells are preserved in deep dishes.

Graduated Cylinders: These cylindrical vessels, such as beakers, have volumetric markings to allow for volume control.

Slides: A collection of slides Used to keep objects for inspection and analysis under a microscope.

Stirring Rods: To combine solvents and samples, this device is used.

Desiccators: A container for absorbing water from a liquid.

When experimenting with glass in the lab, it’s important to keep in mind the molecule’s limitations in terms of significant pressure and heat treatment. Make sure you follow all safety measures at all times. Most significantly, clean the apparatus in cold water to eliminate any remaining protein residues. After that, soak the glassware in a disinfectant solution with the proper dilution ratio.

We, Laboratory Glassware Suppliers in India, Our primary goal is to support the scientific community and assist them in performing their tasks perfectly by providing the best quality glassware products. Further, such a wide array of our glassware in the workplace fulfill the need for maximum precision in all tests.