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Beaker Tall Form

These beakers come with white graduation and marking area for use with an ordinary pencil. The beakers has a uniform wall thickness which make it ideal for heating application. These Beakers have excellent thermal performance and are highly resistant to chemical attack.

BIO Safety Cabinet

Bio Safety Cabinet comes with Cabinet Class II with open front design and functions as negative pressure generation module, providing recirculation of mass flow of HEPA filtered air that offers optimum protection to users, products as well as the surrounding environment. Other than this, the other options includes totally closed bio safety cabinet class III that is a ventilated enclosure with air tight construction and allows experiments/procedures to be performed using rubber gloves.

BOD Bottles

BOD Bottles for incubating diluted samples of clean water, waste water, effluent water and polluted water duting the 5 day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) test. These bottles feature flared mouth to form a water seal to prevent the ingress of air during incubation. The interchangeable stoppers have a tapered bottom that also prevent air entrapment.


The stopper joint on BOD bottles is compatible with the probes of leading BOD and Do meters. Bottle have large, permanent marking squares. BOD Bottles are manufactured from high-quality Borosilicate tubing, this glass makes them much less susceptible to etching when compared to traditional BOD bottles.

BOD Incubator

The full from of BOD Incubator is Biological Oxygen Demand incubator and it is widely used in microbiology laboratories for the applications that include cell culture and fungal growth, BOD test, fermentation, crop and physiology and various pharmaceutical tests etc. It is also known as low temperature incubator or refrigerated incubator because it is made with temperature range between 5°C to 60°C or with cooling and heating functions under one unit.

Buchner Flask

These flasks are made from heavy wall which can withstand high vacuum. The flasks are printed the white color enamel

Clevanger Apparatus

Vertical tube combined with condenser and measuring tube with stopcock. A return tube for the aqueous parts of the distillate connects the bottom of the measuring tube and the vertical Tube