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Toluene 500ml

Model No:-  00326


Micro Fogger provides excellent control of droplet size, even for near-invisible 0.5-10 micron droplets needed by concentrated ULV chemicals.

The Micro Fogger can treat 20-4,000 cubic feet per minute, reduc­ing application time and labour-costs. And when you need high output and large droplets, the Micro Fogger is just as effective.

It can deliver up to 150 mlimin in a mist of large (30 micron) drop­lets used in humidification, dust abatement and sanitizing work. The advanced Micro Fogger can apply either oil- or water-based chemicals. And it’s easy to calibrate when changing liquids.

Volumetric Flasks

Volumetric Flask are made from heat resistane Borosilicate 3.3 Glass. Printed in white colour with interchangeable PP stopper “SSGW”

Volumetric Pipette

  • Generally used for accurate measurement and decanting of liquid
  • Each Pipette coded with unique no supplied with calibration certificate giving exact volume with traceability to national standards
  • Calibrated at 27°C