Laboratory Glassware

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Petri Dishes

  • The inner surface of these Dishes have a very good flatness
  • The accuracy of many biological assays depends on the flatness of the inside base of the Petri dish
  • Made of soda lime glass ensuring that the inner surface of the top and base are absolutely flat
  • These Dishes have high clarity and are free of bubbles
  • Ideal for use in routine work

Reagent Bottle Glass Stopper

  • These narrow mouth reagent bottles, storage bottles have a sturdy gound neck
  • All Sizes have a durable matt-finished enameled area of marking
  • These bottles are mechanically strong and chemical resistant
  • The uniform amber color is highly durable and has high chemical resistance
  • Properties within the bottle remain unchanged, as the color is applied only on the external surface
  • Protects media from light radiation with a wave length between 300 nm and 500nm
  • Ideal for use with light sensitive media and for the long-term storage of substances
  • Supplied with solid glass stopper

Reagent Bottle Screw Cap

  • These bottles are mechanically strong and chemical resistant
  • Fabricated from Borosilicate 3.3 glass
  • The screw caps and pouring ring are made of PP
  • The bottles, screw caps and pouring rings can be sterilized and autoclaveable

Soxhlet Apparatus

Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus consists of Flask, Extractor and Condenser

Specific Gravity Bottles

Specific Gravity Bottles Ground interchangeable Teflon stopper.