Laboratory Glassware

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Measuring Pipette

  • These pipettes are graduated for delivery from zero mark to the last graduation mark
  • Sturdy designed to last long
  • Marking are made in permanent amber stain diffused into the surface of the glass for better visibility and durability
  • Supplied with individual calibration certificate showing actual volume dispensed and providing traceability to national standards.
  • Calibrated at 27°C

Petri Dishes

  • The inner surface of these Dishes have a very good flatness
  • The accuracy of many biological assays depends on the flatness of the inside base of the Petri dish
  • Made of soda lime glass ensuring that the inner surface of the top and base are absolutely flat
  • These Dishes have high clarity and are free of bubbles
  • Ideal for use in routine work

Reagent Bottle Glass Stopper

  • These narrow mouth reagent bottles, storage bottles have a sturdy gound neck
  • All Sizes have a durable matt-finished enameled area of marking
  • These bottles are mechanically strong and chemical resistant
  • The uniform amber color is highly durable and has high chemical resistance
  • Properties within the bottle remain unchanged, as the color is applied only on the external surface
  • Protects media from light radiation with a wave length between 300 nm and 500nm
  • Ideal for use with light sensitive media and for the long-term storage of substances
  • Supplied with solid glass stopper

Reagent Bottle Screw Cap

  • These bottles are mechanically strong and chemical resistant
  • Fabricated from Borosilicate 3.3 glass
  • The screw caps and pouring ring are made of PP
  • The bottles, screw caps and pouring rings can be sterilized and autoclaveable

Soxhlet Apparatus

Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus consists of Flask, Extractor and Condenser