What Are the Water Distillation Units and How Do They Work?

What Are the Water Distillation Units and How Do They Work?

water distillation units

Water distillation these days is in great demand due to the rise in the pollution level of the water. It helps to purify water and make it fit for drinking purposes. The water distillation units are a water purifying method that helps remove harmful chemicals from water such as fluoride, lead, arsenic, viruses, and lead.

It is mainly helpful in producing water free from contamination, converting water into water vapor, and then condensing back into the liquid state. These water purifying units can provide crystal-clear water that is fit for drinking, cooking, and other purposes.

However, the water distillation units are usually in great demand in the industrial sectors, especially beverage industries. These are available in large automatic and countertop units systems and depend on the type of system required for the companies.

How Does the Industrial Water Distillation Unit Work?

The industrial distillation unit mainly begins with pouring water into the boiling chamber. The boil chamber consists of the heating elements, which eventually raise the temperature and bring it the boil. The water will evaporate and turn into steam.

The top of the boiling chamber is completely vented, and the rising steam kills the harmful bacteria, even the fluoride. Further, the condenser has a stainless steel coil tube that condenses the water and converts it into a liquid state.

The high-powered fan present at the top of the distiller helps cool down the water vapor and turn it into droplets. These droplets travel down from the condenser and pass through the activated carbon filter, which further purifies the water and removes all the contamination from the water.

The active carbon helps eliminate the contamination, and the adsorption particles help to reduce the heavy metals. The water droplets then exit from the distiller, which will be collected within the glass bottle that is purified and free from harmful bacteria.

What Does the Water Distillation Unit Remove from Water?

• The water distillation unit helps remove the harmful organic compound, fluoride, solids, and heavy metal such as lead. It helps in removing the impurities from the water that may affect your health. This converts water into steam and then condenses it back in a purified state.

• Moreover, the viruses are also neutralized during the boiling process and help remove the pathogenic bacteria. The potential disease-causing bacteria are not able to withstand the high temperature. Aside from this, chloramines and chlorine that are added into the water for sterilization can be eliminated during the water distillation.

• The contaminants such as barium, nitrates, pharmaceuticals, copper, iron, arsenic, and other compounds are removed from the water. Water hardness can be removed from the water during the process of distillation.

• The volatile compounds that are difficult to remove with the regular boiling process can be purified with the help of the porous carbon surface areas. This helps to remove all the contaminants and make water fit for drinking purpose.

Bottom Line

Water distillation units are expensive and used for industrial purposes. But this distillation unit helps make water free from contamination and produce safe water that is fit for producing distilled drinks and beverages.