Water Distillation Unit Manufacturers- An Insight On Different Types Of Water Distillers

Water Distillation Unit Manufacturers- An Insight On Different Types Of Water Distillers

Water Distillation Unit Manufacturers

Water, the elixir of life, is a source we need for every action in our life. H2O we use is a combination of 2 molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of Oxygen. Commonly water is used for drinking, cooking, cleaning, etc., but only distilled water is used in hospitals and other medical facilities. The water is boiled and turned into the water -vapour and then condensed back to its liquid form is called distillation. Distilled water is widely used in labs and hospitals as it is free of contaminants. The water distillation unit manufacturers have been using their expertise in manufacturing various distillation units used across India for various purposes.

Water distillation unit manufacturers

Water distillers come in all shapes and sizes; there are laboratory distillers and common ones used for producing distilled water for more commercial purposes. Educational institutions, pharmacies, hospitals, cosmetic industries, and other research centres use these apparatus for various purposes. Manufacturing these units needs the perfect engineering expertise as these pieces of equipment need to meet certain specifications and standards depending on distillation. A few widely used laboratory distillers are given below:

• Kjeldahl distillation unit

Widely used in chemical laboratories to analyze nitrogen and protein content in certain chemical substances, they come with both 3 and 6 mantle units used for heating purposes with individual regulators on each mantle. These units are designed according to the specifications of the clients.

• quartz distillation unit

The quartz distillation unit is a single or double water distillation process designed according to the specifications. The boiler is made of high-quality quartz and is easy to maintain and operate.

• wall mounted distillers

These are mainly used for creating distilled water that is free of pyrogen- a type of bacteria that can cause health issues. They come in various capacities that range from 2 litres to about 10 litres per unit and have a replaceable heating element.

• Soxhlet extractor

These types of equipment are used for the extraction of liquid from solid materials or vice versa. They are used in labs for testing materials. They available as standalone equipment or come with 3 or 6 heating units for various tests at a single time, and each is equipped with individual regulators.

• Tabletop distillers

They are the sturdy types as they have a stainless steel body. They have a flow rate of 2 to 20 litres. It comes with a replaceable immersion element. It serves you for a long time, and you can customize these as per your specifications.

• The glass distillation units

These full glass water distillers are used in laboratories and are also used for commercial and industrial purposes. They usually come in 2, 3, and 5 litres capacity but can be customized per specifications.

Modern methods of water distillation

The water distillation unit manufacturers india have proved their expertise in manufacturing export quality water distillers used across many laboratories, educational institutions, and industrial and commercial purposes. Though these types of equipment have been in use for a long time, modern technology has made things much easier, and now the water distillation process is done with more accuracy and faster. The modern methods can filter even the minutest microbes from the water and minerals, chemicals, and other non-volatile elements. Customization of these distillers according to your needs is also an added advantage.