Interesting things to know about Laboratory Glassware Manufacturers

Interesting things to know about Laboratory Glassware Manufacturers

Laboratory Glassware Manufacturers

Laboratory glassware refers to equipment used in laboratories. The set of equipment can sometimes be manufactured especially for scientific uses. This type of glassware can be bent, blown, molded, and formed into different shapes and sizes.

Laboratories for chemistry and biology use such products quite often. Since it is not easy to use these products, laboratories usually keep training programs for new joiners. It should also be noted that several safety hazards can occur if laboratory glassware is not handled properly.

Laboratory Glassware Manufacturers in India such as Shamboo Scientific Glass Works produce several types of glassware products that are used in laboratories nationwide.

How does one select laboratory glassware?

When it comes to choosing any type of equipment for laboratories, there is usually one in charge of the whole task. They go by the requirement sent by the laboratory and choose the beakers, flasks, and other glassware tools accordingly.

This may even include getting glassware manufactured especially for the use of a specific laboratory. The manufacturing process usually includes using glass that has been mass-produced and is readily available to the manufacturers. Since there are various ways to manufacture required glassware, one has to take care of quality assurances for each type as well.

What type of glass is used for manufacturing laboratory glassware?

The types of glass used in laboratory glassware may have several capabilities or may even be used for distinct purposes. For instance, borosilicate is made of transparent material and is great for high temperatures. Similarly, quartz can also withstand very high heat and is transparent as well. Although quartz is transparent only in some parts of the electromagnetism spectrum.

The actinic glass is great for blocking rays like ultraviolet and infrared. Equipment made out of heavy-wall glass is used for pressurized applications. There are several other examples in which laboratory glassware is being used for a distinct purpose. For instance, fritted glass has a porous surface that can let liquid pass through it.

How does one provide quality assurance for glassware?

The laboratory glassware needs to have certain quality standards for accurate results to be shown. Read below to know how to maintain the quality of lab glassware.


Since glassware may be used for several experiments, it is important to keep them clean. Soaking them in detergent works great for all types of impurities collected from different experiments.


Lab glassware products usually have silica mixed in them. Though it does not get dissolved in any solution, hydrochloric acid stays an exception. It is important to take care of this fact while dealing with HCL as it may affect the results.

Final Words

Shamboo scientific glass works is a leading producer of ulv fogger manufacturers in India and provide high-quality laboratory glassworks. If you are thinking of using lab glassware, it is important to know all the important details about the same. Read the above-mentioned points to learn all crucial information about laboratory glassware and its types.