Everything You Need To Know About Laboratory Glassware

Everything You Need To Know About Laboratory Glassware

Laboratory Glassware

Glass is the most sought-after material when it comes to laboratory apparatus. This is because glasses are transparent, chemical and temperature-resistant, easy to clean, and come in various sizes and shapes, perfect for conducting specific experiments.

Due to all these favorable qualities of glass, it is a highly opted material for every science experiment. But, not knowing their uses can be overwhelming for a science student. That is why this article will provide you with everything that you need to know about laboratory glassware. So, if you are interested in learning about laboratory glassware, keep reading this article to the end.

What Is Laboratory Glassware?

Before delving into the various uses of laboratory glassware, let’s look at the basics. What is laboratory glassware? The answer to this question can be defined as equipment that has been created from glass to further use for the cause of science.

However, since glasses are a fragile material that is highly susceptible to break when confronted with impact or pressure, there are certain things that a beginner should learn. And that is how to use them properly. They should also be well aware of the risks of handling glass materials.

Uses of Glassware – General Properties

There is an alternative solution to glass, and that is plastic. However, for various reasons, like glasses being transparent and heat resistant, most laboratory experts prefer to use glassware more than any substitute. As it often outperforms its alternative by having the quality of being extremely heat resistant. Its structure has been designed to withstand various chemicals like alkalis, acids, saline solutions, and organic solvents.

Types of Glasses

Jar test apparatus manufacturers in India mainly manufacture glassware with different types of Glasses. The reason behind using Different types of glass is mainly their technical Properties. The most commonly used glasses by apparatus manufacturers in India are listed below.

● Soda Lime Glass

Soda Lime Glass is used to create culture tubes and pipettes as it is suitable for short chemical exposure and little heat stress. Furthermore, it has good physical and chemical properties that allow an expert to work sophistically with these products.

● Borosilicate Glass

Like soda lime glass, borosilicate Glass has excellent physical and chemical properties. It is highly used in experiments that involve intense temperatures as its very nature of being the very low coefficient of thermal expansion. In simple words, borosilicate glasses can withstand rapid changes in temperature without getting damaged. It is used for storing concentrated chemicals like hydrochloric acids, etc.

Best Laboratory Glassware Manufacturer in India

In India, there are over hundreds of different brands that specialize in manufacturing high-quality laboratory glassware. But, one of the most profound and highly opted manufacturers is Shamboo Scientific Glass Works. It will provide you with high-quality laboratory glassware that is suitable for every experiment. The reason behind being one of the most sought-after companies is they offer only the best.

So, if you are looking for the best manufacturers in India, then opting for Scientific Glass Works will be a wise choice to go after.