Stability Chamber

Stability Chamber

Humidity Chamber offered are backed by latest technology support so as to provide precise relative humidity as well as temperature management. The solutions offered here are available in form of reach-in chambers, walk-in rooms, virtual humidity generators for serving existing structures. Further, our expertise also lies in matching up with the demands of precise humidity control systems as demanded by our customers provided to the system.


Features :

  • Double walled finish
  • Outside mild steel powder coated as well as puff insulation support
  • Stainless steel perforated adjustable shelves
  • Temperature control from 10°c to 60°c (+/- 5%)
  • Humidity control from 55% to 90% (+/- 5%)
  • Digitally controlled interface
  • Available in sizes of 455 x 455 x 710, 605 x 605 x 605, 605 x 605 x 910mm (wxdxh)
  • Coming with wheel support for mobility
  • Provides working on 220 v ac supply
  • Chamber comprising highly polished stainless steel sheet finish
  • Inner compartment featuring stainless steel adjustable shelves
  • Quality motor blower for forced air circulation
  • Precision air ducting support for allowing positive air flow
  • System designed to maintain constant temperatures in chamber
  • For avoiding thermal loss, system comes with puff insulation provided between inner and
    outer walls
  • Equipment fitted with hermetically sealed compressor with CFC free refrigerant
  • 2 doors support with inner full length transparent door
  • Sturdy hinge support and magnetic gasket provided for double walled main door
  • Automatic temperature control provided through digital temperature controller and
  • System supporting PID with PT 100 sensor

Technical Specifications:

  • Temp. 10°c to 60°c. Humidity 55% to 90% +/- 5%
  • Electric Supply 220/230V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Type: Forced Convection Type
  • Compressor: Hermetically Sealed Compressor
  • Temperature Control: Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Controller Cum
  • Temperature Range: 5°c – 60°c +/-1°c
  • Humidity Creation: By Steam Injection
  • Humidity Controller: Digital Humidity Indicator-Cum-Controller.
  • Humidity Range: 5% Above Ambient From 55% – 95%RH±3%RH At Cool Temperatures
  • MOC Outer: Mild Steel Powder Coated
  • MOC Inner: Stainless Steel
  • Safety: Thermostat
  • Insulation: PUFF
SSE-62/A 455x455x705 150 5.25 1.5 KW
SSE-62/B 505x505x855 225 8 2.0 KW
SSE-62/C 505x455x805 170 6 1.5 KW
SSE-62/D 605x555x805 285 10  2.0 KW
SSE-62/E 605x605x955 320 12 2.5 KW
SSE-62/F 905x905x1005 850 30 3.0 KW
SSE-62/G 1005x1005x1875 1980 70 4.0 KW